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  • 3 firm buttplugs
  • 1 vibrator
  • Good feedback from customers

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    Reviews of this sextoy
    I tried the first two plugs and it was great. The problems started when I tried to sit on a biggest plug. It didn't come in for ten minutes and when it finally came in my anus started to bleed. Great stuff if you know when to stop. I used it for my pussy too and that was great. Date Submitted: 07/23/2006
    My guy got this for me to try out, and it's a great step into anal play. There's no pain when using them, but some intense sensations. The smallest one doesn't stay in very well, but the medium size doesn't have that problem. The lube that comes with it is also really nice. This is a wonderful kit for anyone interested in easing their way into anal exploration. Date Submitted: 04/25/2006
    I got this for my girl as an introduction to anal play. She has moved up to the second size and really enjoys it, I would recomend this product to anyone looking to start out. And the lube is amazing. Date Submitted: 04/24/2006
    Ohhhhhh my, fun fun fun! Virtually painless introduction to anal! I'm afraid I'm hooked........Started with the tiny plug, wow that just slips right in. Moved up step by step till I got to that fantastic dildo! Ok, talk about vibe! Good lord I came so hard! Tried to sit on it here at my desk, but couldn't quite take it all in. Was a bit amusing when the work phone rang. lol Will keep on trying to ease it all in, because that baby is going to make work sooooooo much more enjoyable! ;) The lube is great, I need a tub of that stuff, btw. Hey, now this is sort of odd, but the teeny plug reminded me of a hemherroid cure I saw once, looked like a skinny popsicle that you stick up your ass to shrink the tissues. So yep, I put the smallest plug into the freezer for about an hour and just now slid it back in---wowwwwwww that does feel nice! Great way to tighten up all the stuff again after a play session. Oops, hubby's on his way home, I'd better go hide all my new toys! God this is fun, can't wait to play some more tomorrow........... Date Submitted: 05/18/2005
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