Scented Sexual Lubricants

Most of the lubes here are water soluble , men that means ok for sex toys , and there are some lubes for women like the china shrink cream ,
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Scented Sexual Lubricants

Cherry scented anal lube
Very thick lube made for anal sex penetration in original or cherry scented

SE2396-10 - $9

Cinnamon scented anal lube
Cinnamon scented anal lube with thick water based formula great for sex toys
DJ1315-02 - $10

Edible cock arousal gel in fun flavors like banana , raspberry , strawberry and pina colada

H02026 - $6

Embrace Lube
embrace lube is flavored in cinnamon , lime , strawberry or unscented
HP145502 - $11

Head First Gel Lube
Thick tasty gel with mint , cinnamon and strawberry flavors

KI0412 $6

ID Lube
water based lube ideal for sex toys in flavors: bubble gum , banana , passion fruit , peach , strawberry/kiwi , watermelon , cherry and pina colada

IDJBB13 $13

Lovers Sundae
Flavored sexy body lotion , turn your lover into a meal ummmmm good !! , caramel , chocolate , cherry flavors
PDMS110-96 $7

Private Desire
Flavored and scented waterbased lube in cherry and strawberry

DJ0917-01 $6

Sex Sweet
strawberry flavored , waterbased and sugar free greaseless colorless sex lube
TO3557-9 $5.50

Stay Hard sex kit
5 piece cockring and lube kit with 3 cockrings , erection keeper ring and stay hard lube desensitizing cream that helps to prevent early ejaculation

NW18652 $14

China Shrink Cream
tightens vagina wall , especially good for multiple birth and frigid women

NW0203 - $10

Sure Grip Tighten Her cream
tightens the pussy ,apply to vaginal area and wait 5 minutes
PD9806-00 $9

                 Sexual Lubricants - Unscented • Scented

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Sexual Lubricants or Lube for short Sex Lubricants are used to moisten areas. The anus or vaginal are the main places. Women use them for especially large cocks and men use them for anal sex. The anus has no lubrication of its own.The most popular brands of sex lube are anal eze , anal lube , wet lube , and astroglide . For women in addition to the lube , they like the china shrink cream that tightens vagina walls. Anal eze desensitizes the anal area making for easier penetration.There is a line of kama sutra treasure trove products that also desensitize the anal area.The lubricants offerred are water based and that means they don't breakdown the integrity of the sextoy product. Using vaseline with a condom or dildo can breakdown the integrity and cause leaks in a condom or cause a dildo to need to be discarded.Some of the lubes are scented or flavored and add delight and use to making love.

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