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    From All World's
    An amusement park is the setting as two sexy studs and a lady friend spends a fun filled afternoon together. She has the hots for one of them, who happens to be a closeted man. She invites them back to her apartment with a plan to seduce her man. She puts on a little dance with no effect. So she initiates sex with his friend to get him jealous. The two fuck as our hot stud watches and gets drunk, all the while lusting for his buddy.
    After the buddy is done screwing the girl, he rolls over and makes a play for the young closeted man. The two crotch-rub each other over their underwear, soon followed by hard, uncut cocks springing to life. They take turns sucking each other's dicks and balls, and playing with each other's hard tight bodies.
    Back at the carnival, two young hot men are enjoying the rides. They go for a walk and find a deserted area. There they strip and pull down their pants as they suck on each other's cocks.
    Next our main lead has a wet dream. A hottie is standing naked in the countryside. The dreamer rubs his erect tool as he craves for the foreskinned dick.
    At the shooting range, one of the carnies helps a cutie with his gun - his man gun. The two shut down the game and go at it, sucking stiff, uncut German sausage before stuffing it into their hot fuck holes.
    Back at the carnival, one of the workers takes a customer back to his camper and they make out. They suck cock in a 69 before the blond rims and finger fucks the customer. The blond then rolls over and gets fucked with his legs over his head. - 90 minutes, no regional coding.
    Starring - Antonio Coimbra, Bastien Totti, Bob Williams, Brandon Alinch, Cris, Jaroslav Cerweny, Jeremy Iten, Jerry Davis, Marcel Viduka, Max Nicolson, Nikol Kolska, Samuel Dolce, Tom Nowy, Vasylyna Obryska

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