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Adultfriendfinder is large and caters to a vast audience of people. While it's true many straight hookups and relationships start there. It's also true that many gay and bisexual relationships start there as well including girl girl. It's very easy to hookup with straight guys looking for gay sex partners. Many are bisexual and others experimenting. With the right lingo, you might have a new friend for life. It's all up to you and your partner and what each is looking for. At Adultfriendfinder there are various ways to find straight men. Check out the topical groups and search for what you're looking for from sex slaves to doms, blonde twinks looking for daddies, interracial looking for big cocks or even a guy for a bisexual threesome. It's fast and free. Some the groups have local chapters with regular meetups or you can connect online and take it from there. Sign up is free and fun is just around the corner.
Meet Hot Straight and Bisexual Men for Gay Sex

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I love sucking and fucking straight guys. Gay guys just don't have the allure that straight guys have. So when I went to Adultfriendfinder, I chose it for a couple of reasons. One is that there are alot of straight men there versus an out and out gay dating or sex site. So I put my free ad out there and waited for some responses. I basically like men in their 20s. Sometimes I go for older men but I like guys not twinks who are in the 20 to 30 range. Straight with girlfriends is a definite plus. I'm a full time gay dude and I really don't want the same thing looking for the same thing. So I got a couple of responses that looked interesting. One was from a guy named Jed.

Jed was 23 just out of the army and hanging around in the San Diego area. He is 6'3" 180lbs with blonde hair. He didn't mention anything about cock size but I assumed it would be big. All the better. The plan was for a meetup at Starbucks and take it from there.

On the day of our meetup, I went early to Starbucks and sat on one of the couches. I would be easy to notice in a blue windbreaker and jeans. I had a very good feeling about this before it even started. I saw him enter and smiled. His eyes connected and he came around and asked "Dave?".

"Yes" I said. "have a seat" I continued.

We struck it off right away. I'm big basketball fan , him too and we talked like rabid fans of Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Wade and Jordan. We ran over games and moves and suddenly without noticing we were well into a couple of hours coffee and sports. We decided to take a walk around and wound up the park.

At this time there were lots of bushes and trees. He wanted to take a piss and found this secluded area. After shaking his cock in relief, I did the same thing. Suddenly, we both looked around and saw no one around and started kissing each other. Our tongues swirled with the delight of each other. The heat was rising when I reached down for his huge cock. I wasn't disappointed. I would need a ruler but he was easily over ten inches of hot hard cock. I took in his big fat cock and slowly slid my mouth over the shaft down to his balls. Faster and faster till drops of precum slid down my throat. Then I took his balls in my mouth. I sucked each one at first and then took both of them in. He seemed to like when I both of his balls in my mouth as he would sway from side to side loving the pulling action. I jerked his cock as I did this. Then I went to sucking his cock. He took my head and face fucked me till he blew his load down my throat. I came hands free from the excitement of it all.

After that we've been getting together for all the local ball games and great sports talk and great sex.
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