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Military Classified - Rob Navarro Gets Straight Military Men for Hot Gay Sex

How does he do it? Rob Navarro is the gay guy who gets straight men left right and center for not only hot gay sex, but he gets to film them and created a website showing each one of these lovely hunks of men. Most of the guys are in their early twenties, some have large cocks, others medium. With these guys, he's sucking, fucking or they sometimes do jerk offs for the camera. But it's been going on for years with no end in site. Each week there's a new straight man that's been won by Navarro. Stay up with this guy who certainly isn't 25 for his latest adventures. The pics below are of Berry one of his recruits with a nine inch cock.
Join Military Classified for Rob Navarro's Sex Adventures

Berry was a little straight Sailor boy that I met in San Diego online while I was placing ads in the chatrooms over a year ago. He responded very confidently about what he had to offer for the ladies and of course I egged him on so that I could get him in for an interview. He asked me whether it was "gay stuff" and I told him that he would only be working with himself and no one else. He agreed!

Well that was then. this is now! He's back and....boy has he done some re-adjusting and let's just say that money played a big part of it. You see, bottom line for Berry, is not so much that he has to put up with getting his dick sucked by a guy but more importantly, the amount of money he is making doing it. We negotiated a good enough price that lured him into performing this act for the very first time on tape at the time this video was shot. He's done other websites since then but never a blowjob from a guy on tape at this time! Militaryclassified was the first!

When this kid unleashed his cock it all came back to me and I knew there was a reason why I had offered him more than most of my models. He confidently parades his almost 9 inches of man-meat that looks HUGE on his small and smooth frame. I must have sucked that boy's cock in just about every single position imaginable.

He had very little trouble getting hard and in fact, before I even pulled his dick out of his cammies, it was already at full attention and HARD AS A ROCK! There's nothing more exciting that squeezing (with two hands even) a 20 year old hard cock. It's like steel! I had Berry pretty damn excited because I would start on a rhythm and before long he's warning me that if I kept it up, he would need to blow. I love hearing that... makes me feel right at home and in control of the situation. About 14 minutes into the video, Berry began to breathe audibly. He would gyrate a little in his chair and slowly took his eyes off the pussy porn for the most part and was glued to my face in disbelief as I made his 9 incher disappear down my throat. Well before long it was all he could handle and busted a nice sized nut all over my hand and his leg. God this one is really hot folks!