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Military Classified Christian - Straight Marine Gets a Blowjob

Straight marine Christian hookups with Rob Navarro and gets his cock sucked to a creamy froth of cum. Rob Navarro of Military Classified is the gay man who gets straight cock, mostly military men and films the action for all of us to enjoy. They're all in their twenties usually under 25 and hot and horny for sex. Often they're looking for straight sex but somehow Navarro intercepts them and they're getting their cocks sucked or fucking. See all the action at Military Classified and join the fun for as low as $10.
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This is how this hookup came to be by Rob Navarro

If you're a lover of down home grunt Marines then Christian is the perfect choice for you. He typifies what a young strappin Marine should look, sound, and act like but more importantly who confidently knows how to fuck. He's the type of devildawg that just loves to get his dick wet anywhere warm and doesn't care how he does it as long as it gets done! Just my style! Today we did just that and Christian recieved some pretty awesome head that made him bust better than he ever imagined.

Christian spent some time overseas for a bit and is now back in California and needing to make some quick cash. I offered him a deal that he just couldn't refuse and he consented to blow his load in a very unusual way for him. He's never had his dick sucked by a guy but he logically thought that it wouldn't be so bad as long as he didn't have to do anything in return and he could watch some nice pussy porn of course. Christian is the kind of Marine that just loves his dick sucked and can't get enough of it in any fashion.

When I got this beefy studs cammies off, I found a nice big surprise under those skivies. His cock was enormous and thick and beautifully cut with some really nice smooth low hangers that jingled up and down when you stroked his thick cock. I began feverishly sucking his dick slowly at first but then increased the pace as I began to feel his cock swell down my throat. Christian was zoned right into the movie and amazingly enough looked down occasionally wondering how the hell I was able to make his dick rock hard.

I could tell that he approved of my cocksucking skills because I could see that he was getting into the blowjob more and more. Next I stood him up and put him in a position that most straight guys like to fuck... the standing doggie position his pumping my mouth with his wet dick like he was pounding a pussy. He definitely knows how to fuck once you give him the inspiration. I could tell that he was getting close because I began to gag and he really didn't give a shit and just continued pounding away.

Finally I just couldn't take it so I had to get him back on the bed with his legs spread eagle and his rock hard cock waving in the air as I deepthroated his dick once again sucking up and down, faster and faster, until I could tell by the tightening of his nuts that he was about to bust. He gave me a final warning before he let out one of the thickest 2 day nuts I've seen in a long time and a sigh of relief and content that only a satisfied Marine appreciates after a first rate nut... to his own admission in the video actually... check it out!